Some of our favorite custom projects over the years

S Smash Bros Tournament Trophies. Steel with led lighting.

WarGaming Tournament Trophy made from metals.

StarCraft Tournament Trophy made from steel with led lighing

Roller Derby Trophy made from car parts & cable with custom plaque

WarGaming Tournament Trophy

Mini Crane Trophies made from Steel

Solar Decathlon Awards

Perpetual trophy made from steel with copper accents & laser engraved plaques

Custom Machine Shop Sign with rust finish over black steel over polished accents.

Sign for a German gym inspired by Quake. Steel with mirror accent.

Gears of War Tournament trophy. Steel, aluminum with red mirror laser cut accents.

Construction company lobby sign with salvaged saw blades, cable, & other elements.

HearthStone Tournament medals made from copper, brass & mirror acrylic.

Ultimate Frisbee Trophy made from polished steel, aluminum, copper & wood base.

Custom garage sign with rusted steel over polished stainless steel.

UK Hacker Olympics Trophy. Fabricated and custom polished steel with laser engraved mirror acrylic & illuminated with blue led lights.

Home Builders Association Award made from salvage steel parts including construction materials.

Vain Glory Trophy. Fabricated sheet steel with custom paint finishes. 3 feet tall.

WarGaming Trophy made from layered aluminum, steel, & acrylic accents.

StarCraft WCS Tournament Trophy complete with LED lighting. Stylized design inspired by the game. Over 2 feet tall, made from steel, with laser engraved acrylic accents.

Commissioned piece for a downtown Boise commercial development--made from salvaged railroad tracks from the site, copper, steel, stainless & assorted salvaged parts. This one stands 17 feet tall & includes a laser engraved history of the city block.

Wings sculpture created for invitational sculpture competition; made from steel, stainless steel, copper, & welded bronze accents. Stands 11 feet tall.

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