A creative life making things from metal

Over 10 years ago, Amber made the decision to get into metal work. She bought her first welder (despite doubts & protests from family & friends) & spent the next 6 months learning how to weld; from trial & error, online forums, & books. The search for scrap metal to practice on brought her to recycling yards & introduced a new world full of gears, bearings, sheet metal, plate, & more. Starting with bookends & candle-holders, she began selling her creations that first year & was invited into galleries soon after. Public art followed after; & her pieces can be seen throughout the Treasure valley. The largest work to date is a series of three 50' tall sculptural landmarks in Julius Kleiner Park.

Josh & Amber met in late 2011 & he quickly became a part of the creative team; bringing his CNC & CAD experience to the table. On his suggestion, the few trophies that had been made were added to Etsy & the trophy part of the biz took off over the next year.

Now the Refinerii Studio produces custom trophies, signs, & other projects for a wide variety of clients including construction companies, gaming tournaments, mining operations, & real estate developers, along with a small line of wall art & garden pieces. Josh & Amber work & create side-by-side in a small shop on the outskirts of Boise & offer welding/fabrication lessons on occasion. They have a small team in place for larger projects that includes an engineer, fabricators, & graphic design artist. Custom trophies have become the main focus of the studio, & they are happy to work with a wide variety of businesses & organizations to provide truly unique awards & custom designs.

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